What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Some glaring problems with our society (meaning the good ol USA).

1.  Unequal treatment (the rich get tax breaks the rest of us do not).

2.  Failure to care for our elderly and worse, now it looks like Social Security is under threat of extinction too.  What is an older person who has worked hard their whole life to contribute to this society, to do when he/she can no longer work?  How is an elderly person supposed to survive without a job and please don’t tell me a retiree plan because people are living longer and cost of living keeps going up. I already know there is no way in hell my retirement plan will keep me from having to live in a cardboard box.  What kind of nation doesn’t care for it’s sick or elderly?  Inquiring minds really want to know. And hey, what about all the money I paid into Social Security…involuntarily…since age 15? Or is theft committed against me by my government somehow just…okay?

3.  Failure to care for the sick or injured poor.  Do we really grant care for our fellow humans, only if they’re the priviledged few?  Say I have no insurance or I do have insurance but I can’t afford to have much so any kind of illness or injury involving an inpatient stay will put me in huge debt for the rest of my life–which likely might not be very long if I have any kind of health problem that can be aggravated by the tremendous stress huge bills I can’t possibly afford will cause.

4.  Short sightedness re. the failing environment and not making this a priority.  Let’s see.  Every year the tornados and hurricanes and weird weather at all the wrong times, keep getting worse. People are dying because there are tornados now where there shouldn’t be or really big tornados where once really big tornados were rare.  Entire towns or cities are being wiped out.    So come on!  How much longer do we go on blindly pretending global warming doesn’t exist?   Is knocking down more trees and more deforestation a good response to this disaster?  Killing even more of the struggling natural world we have left?  Or hey, how about pouring more crap into our oceans–see how well that solves the problem?

5.  Obesity among the growing poor and increasing medical costs as a result.    Ever notice how the cheaper food at the grocery store is always the stuff they say is bad for you?  Canned food.  Processed food.  Stuff loaded with tons of salt, sugars, or stuff impossible to pronounce.  But hey, if it’s all you can afford you’re going to buy it right?  It’s that or walk around hungry because anyone notice the price of  produce lately?   Fruits. Grains.  Nuts?  The stuff that’s good for you?  So does it follow that the more poor people we have, the more obesity we will have (and more overweight poor people unable to afford decent healthcare) as the price of the healthy food climbs ever higher–which it will, too, guarantee, as the number of farms decrease, and the percentage of acreage available for farming becomes less and less and of course the natural habitat left becomes less and less as we humans go right on wearing blinders. After all, God will one day just fix everything, yes?

6.  Uncle Sam or someone/something else?  I don’t know but it sure seems to me we haven’t had an independent thinker as president since Bill Clinton, who I personally think did one hell of a good job. How sad that he was impeached for being a sleeze.  Last time I checked it wasn’t a person’s religion or morality I was voting for to run my country or make things right.  I could care less if my president has the morals of a gutter rat so long as he/she gets the job done.   Considering how we thanked Bill Clinton for getting our deficit down to practically nill–the humiliation we put that man through, it seems to me we deserve the substandard leadership we’ve had in the White House ever since. 

Does it matter who we vote for, really?   We put a Democrat in office–he wants to pander to the Left and abandon all those lofty dreams of yes we can he preached before being elected.  We put a Republican in office–again the left has its way, because money talks and money rules and I’m sorry but I think government has become its own special interest group regardless of who we put at the helm.   And that’s another thing.  Is there a point to voting anymore?   When a president can lose the popular vote–and still be elected?  What is the point?  I live in Washington State and every four years I hear the victor’s name announced before all MY state’s votes are counted.  How is this going to make me feel there’s any point–or any say re. what happens to my country that, I’m sorry, I’m beginning not to recognize anymore?

7.  Since when is discrimination RIGHT?     And yet it is, isn’t it?  My Bank of America branch here in Seattle is managed by a hispanic person.  Is it mere coincidence that every last person I see working at this bank is either Asian, or hispanic, or black?  In the last four or more years I have not seen one white person working there.   And at the restaurant where I work my second job, all the cooks, all the dishwashers–they’re all hispanic.  Without exception.  And if I complete a job application at Walmart or Fred Meyer, the application will specifically ask if I’m of hispanic heritage.  Uh, why?  If I say yes I am, will I have a better chance at getting the job?   If yes, um…why?  Seeing only hispanics working at Mexican restaurants and only Asians working at Asian restaurants.  Isn’t this discrimination against anyone else who isn’t of that heritage?  Why is this permitable?  Or how about those places that only hire you if you’re good looking or young?  I know of a restaurant that only hires young women for hostesses.  Pretty young women.  Isn’t this discrimination?  And why is this okay?

Why is it okay that we only see attractive news reporters and sports reporters on TV?   What if a really ugly woman wanted to be a sports reporter?  Or hey, how about an obese one?  Would she remotely have a chance?  And isn’t this discrimination?  I remember sitting at a bar once and the men near me were commenting on how the female sports reporter had put on some weight.  Think this would be something they’d notice if said reporter was a man?

And speaking of… in the US where there should be an equal opportunity for all to obtain their dreams if they have enough gumption for it, how come single people can’t be president? It really seems to me you have to have a spouse, don’t you?  There has to be a First Lady, after all, or hey, maybe someday, a First Man?   And have you noticed lately the emphasis on our president’s religion?  People wondering if he’s a Muslim or not?  What about this?  What if he was?  Are only Christians allowed to be president? Can an atheist be president?  Or a Hindu?  Or a Wiccan?  Or is the seat of the presidency reserved for a Christian butt only?  Again, I’d really like to know.  Because this too seems like discrimination.  I’m a single atheist woman who doesn’t look like Sarah Palin, and my chances of being president–absolutely NILL!  

So that’s all.  Just feeling like having a rant.  There’s so much more I could list and maybe I will later, that I see wrong with this culture, and also how we look at the world.  When I was in HS I wrote an essay on why I thought human beings will ultimately be the cause of their own extinction.  My belief in this hasn’t changed.  In fact it’s only grown stronger.   And mostly because we tolerate double standards and walk around with blinders on.


Can We Recover?

I find myself wondering this all the time as it has to do with the economy.  First we had defective healthcare.  Now we seem to have defective everything.

Sadly a lot of folks are like me, I think.  They understand we’re screwed, but they don’t have the magical answers nor do they have the political knowledge to suggest new approaches.  I know I certainly don’t. 

But what about the people who DO?   Which is more important, really?  Who is on top and in charge or who isn’t on top but doing everything in their power to hamstring the guy who IS?   And in the meantime we sink deeper and deeper and deeper into economic crisis.

Or so it seems to this peon.   I’m one of the middle class.  I work two jobs and still barely keep my head above water while meanwhile it seems Comcast, and T-Mobile and PUD (now wanting to raise rates even higher) and my bank and on and on and ON, are doing all they can do to find some excuse to tack on additional fees.  I often write President Obama my concerns only to get form letters back.  At lease President Clinton’s responses seemed a tiny bit more like some thought went into them.

Let’s see.  I’ve paid into Social Security, into my security when I retire, since age 15 and not voluntarily either.  Um…if Social Security goes away, how will I be taken care of when I retire?  Where is my money taken from my pay check and when will I see any of it when it’s my turn to really need it?

Why are men and women who have been working hard their whole life living in homeless shelters or on the street because our nation doesn’t care for our own elderly?  Doesn’t even provide them decent healthcare?

Call me crazy, but I personally think the elderly should not have to pay for healthcare, period.  Why?  Because it’s only right, that’s why.  Older people worked hard in their day.  It seems to me there should be some kind of nice stress-free existence for them when they can finally stop and oh, I don’t know, live???   Of all the countries in all the world THIS one, the US, puts less time and effort into educating kids, and demands more time from its employees, allowing less time for vacation, holidays, or rests during the day.  All we do in this country is work, and contrary to international myth, Americans aren’t rich.  It costs a lot to live here and most of us work two jobs anymore just to survive, nevermind having that second job for “pocket-money.”

I remember when having a second job was an option.  It’s really not anymore.   Cost of everything is going up faster than what I earn.

Here’s a question.   If our lovely Republican party managed to drive the deficit through the rafters with their unnecessary war, and President Obama only made it worse with his attempts to kick-start the economy again,  how do we make our country ours again, instead of land we’re borrowing from China?   How do we pay that deficit down?   Do we demand home owners no longer get the tax break for having that home?   Strike a huge blow against the already crippled housing market?  Do we rob billions of people of their income tax returns and try to get it that way?   Do we take another $40 from each person’s paycheck?  Or hey, how about that billionaire with his fleet of cars and boats and his huge mansion and so much money he makes in a half a day what I make in a year–probably more?   All those riches he has, people like Trump and Bill Gates.  Even with effort if he worked really hard to spend every moment from now until death, he would still have millions left–or at least some of these ultra rich would?

It floors me that they get a tax break?  Hello?   If they love this country, why not ask them to give up stuff?  They can afford to, where as the 99% of the rest of us cannot.   Why squeeze more blood from the little guy, and drive more of us into losing our jobs, our homes, or suicide?

I’m just saying.

And then we have the obesity problem in this country.   Ever notice how the junk food, and the crap, and the pre-made meals with tons of sodium and preservatives, are less expensive than say, oh I don’t know, milk, eggs, meat, fish, chicken, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, etc?  Eat healthy?   And how shall we pay for healthier food?     Really, it’s very nice that places like MacDonalds are providing healthier options on their menu, but have you noticed the prices?

I could go on and on with my rant.  There are so many little things. Like the busing system in Washington State.  Hmmm… fares keep going up and services are being cut left and right.  There are less buses running less frequently and never on time, and when customers call they get attitude–really the whole concept of customer service is going extinct.   Or how about all that aid that sure seems to be readily given to immigrants but not to people in trouble who were born here and worked here all our lives? 

Can’t it just be required that new US Citizens learn the national language?    And what about reverse discrimination?  I am seeing it ALL the time.   On Walmart applications (and many others) it specifically asks if I am of hispanic descent.  Why should that matter?   Do companies get some kind of perks for hiring minorities?  That doesn’t seem fair to all the rest of us barely making it.  Would my chances of getting an interview be better if I were hispanic?   Something tells me the big answer to that question is YES.

The whole thing’s just scary.  In more than one way I feel like we’re losing our country as we face down another election.  Honestly, I don’t see one person that I have faith can be effective to really help our nation, one person I feel enthused about voting for.  And the ones we do vote for (popular vote) don’t get elected anyway, and/or as soon as they do they cave to the pressure of big government and become yet another puppet dancing on strings.