Isn’t Arrogance Also a Sin?

If one believes in such a thing as sin as opposed to just choosing to do right vrs. wrong, I believe somewhere in the bible there’s a verse pertaining to arrogance. 

Isaiah 13:11

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will put an end to the pomp of the arrogant, and lay low the pompous pride of the ruthless.

Definition of Arrogance:  (per my Websters II Dictionary)  Overbearing and self-important, Haughty, Insolent, Lofty, Lordly, Overbearing, Overweening, Presumptuous, Proud, Supercilious, Superior.

Last night at my restaurant where I work my second job, I had a customer come up to me after she got finished eating, and she asked me, without even bothering first to find out where I stand on belief, if I would be interested in joining her church’s bible study.

Presuming, I guess, that naturally I would be a believer in the same things she believes in.   Is this not arrogance?   To just assume the rest of the world believes as she does?  I looked her in the face and asked “what makes you think I’m a Christian?”  That surprised her and she looked very uncomfortable–and for awhile I felt badly for it, for making her feel uncomfortable.  But then I asked myself…didn’t she just do the same thing to me?  And yes, absolutely she did, and without giving it a moment’s thought that perhaps I didn’t believe as she does.

I think it’s arrogant also the belief that WE, human beings, are created in God’s image, and, oh I don’t know, the dolphin is not, or the Chimpanzee is not, or some alien on another planet billions of light years away is not.   But that’s another whole issue.  And so is the belief that we humans deserve something better than planet earth, and if we’re good enough we’ll get it after we die, but no other creatures will because they aren’t special, made in God’s image, etc. , and therefore don’t have souls.

Other examples of arrogance…

Deciding that your beliefs are the only right beliefs and going door to door or to other countries to try to pursuade others to agree with you and believe what you believe.

Or how about being so sure your beliefs are more valid and count more than someone else’s, that you’ll intrude against their wishes and beliefs important to them during their life, and baptise them to your beliefs after their death like the Mormon church does?   I’m sorry but for Mormons to baptize the little Jewish victim of the Holocaust Anne Frank…how arrogant can a religion get?

Anyway…no specific point to this.  Just still rather angry about being put on the spot last night at my job when that was the last thing I expected, wanted or should have had to deal with.

There is a time and a place.  If you want to recruit people for your bible studies you  really should 1. still show respect to those people for what they believe already and 2, try to restrict your audience to people you know are of the same beliefs you are, or people wanting to know, rather than be so arrogant as to presume other people’s beliefs aren’t right and they must believe just as you do.