God Made His Own Enemy

Christians want to claim the biblical god is omniscient.   As in, he sees past, present and future.   What this tells me, and why I think it makes him a malignant, sadistic monster–

Before he made Lucifer he knew Lucifer would become Satan, and he knew some of his angels would follow Satan, and yet he made Lucifer anyway.  He made his own enemy, knowing ahead of time he was doing it.  He even made hell as a place to put his enemy in.  This tells me Satan is not really God’s enemy but working for God, serving some purpose for God–an enemy created for a reason.

We are supposed to hate and oppose Satan.  And yet God put Satan here–God created Satan.  Why?  To trip us up?  To cause us to fall and thus be then at God’s mercy generation after generation, each generation inheriting the sin of doing something God set us up to do in the first place knowing ahead of time we’d do it–making Satan and putting us in close proximity to Satan so for sure we’d do it?

Before God made Adam and Eve he knew where Satan was, knew what Satan would do, knew what his newborn and ignorant human creations would do should they come face to face with Satan.  Knowing this, God did it anyway.  He put those child-like gullible naive humans in close proximity with the enemy he, God, had created, knowing what would happen before it did.

And as he knew and planned for it to, it did happen.  Then God punished his creation for doing what he put them in close proximity to Satan to do, just as he punished Lucifer for doing what he had been made to do.

The first batch of humans God made became so corrupt God decided to send a flood to purge the earth of the corruption and start over again?  If God knows the future he knew before he made Adam and Eve that the first batch of humans would be too corrupt, and yet he made them anyway, deliberately, and then regretted making them.  As if a being who can see the future could “regret” anything.   Actually a mass genocide was part of God’s divine plan.  He absolutely intended for his first batch of humans to be corrupt so he could destroy not only all human life, but all life on the planet and start over.

Why do this?  Why not make humans right in the first place?  What did making a corrupt first batch of humans, and then destroying them and starting over, accomplish?   What other “good” did sparing Noah’s family but killing all other life accomplish?  Unless this God specifically enjoys genocide–enjoys torturing and killing his creations.

All those animals and sea-life that died and insect life that died…were they corrupt?  Why did they have to die?  Could they help it that they were born at the same time as a bunch of humans God made knowing they’d become corrupt?  Why flood the earth?  Why wipe out everything?  If God is all powerful he could have simply caused all the humans he deliberately made knowing he’d end up killing them, to drop dead from heart attacks.    Or just with a thought–make them all cease to exist.  Why the flood?  Why the mass genocide of all life, not just human life?   And how can a omniscient God “regret” anything?   It was all a part of his plan–his divine plan.  Which means his plan is perfect.

I could go on with this but I won’t.  My point is the creator of evil made evil for a reason.  The first batch of humans would not have been corrupt at all if Lucifer had never been made.  And yet he was made.  God made his own enemy.  God put dumb humans in close proximity with his enemy knowing what would happen.   God made humans knowing very soon he’d have to purge the earth–kill all life–because those humans would be corrupt.

How can it be called free will when we are made by a creator who wants us to fail?  Who put his enemy on this earth to not only make us fail, but to force us to have to grovel and beg for salvation?   How can it be free will when God knows before he makes us, which of us are destined for heaven or hell?   Do we who are destined for hell have any way to change his mind?  Change the perfect divine plan?   Over the last 30 years while I worked and struggled to believe something illogical, love a God despite what the bible told me about him, God knew up there in heaven–knew all my struggling was in vain and that in the end I would roast in hell.  Even though I spend half my life trying to be good enough to be one of his saved.

It’s like putting a carrot in front of a starving horse and saying “if you pull this plow another foot you’ll get this reward,” so the horse pulls hard, body trembling, one foot and then another, but always that carrot is swinging just out of reach…until one day the horse just gives up and drops in his traces; then the last words he hears before his farmer shoots him in the head is, “I always knew you’d fail me.”

7 comments on “God Made His Own Enemy

  1. So one of the things you need to remember is that God has gone to every measure possible that we have free will. Thus, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    He gave all creatures free will because he wants us to want to follow Him, not because we have to. Yes there is pain in this world, because of our choices as a race. But this world is temporary. It is just a testing ground. What is an eighty year lifespan compared to the infinite lifespan of the next life? Children suffer in africa, yes, but because they die children, they never have to make a choice. They never even have the chance to. But in the perspective of eternity in heaven, what is a twelve year life of pain?

    There is a bigger picture when you look at God and his plan. Many things don’t make sense. But if you ask, you will receive the answers.

    • You go with the assumption a god exists. At the point you did this, I wrote the rest of whatever it was you said as a waste of my time.

      What you first need to do is provide me with some evidence that there is a supernatural being. Once you do that, once you prove that we’re not just talking about another mythical being like the tooth faery, I might actually care what this all powerful mass murderer that you worship, thinks.

  2. Hi there, the question I have is… If Cain the first born son was ‘gotten’ not begotten and Satan was his father not Adam, how come the bible says He had children? In effect Cain was a hybrid – the equivalent to a male Mule. The male Mule is infertile and therefore cannot produce fertile sperm. This cannot be reconciled with the notion that our genes were of better quality or undergone genetic degeneration at that time. The issue is the difference in chromosomes effecting the fertility of sperm – simply unable to make fertile sperm. I stand corrected of course. I haven’t been able to source anything to contrary on the net – please cite reference/links if the case is not true.


    • As with many things (having to do with Christianity) I don’t believe science applies. Not with the bible. You could probably find more scientific accuracy in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings books than you can in the bible.

      When I was a Christian I simply assumed anything that didn’t make sense = brought about by magic. God’s power. Or in this case Satan’s power. I know what a hybrid is–in your example mule is half donkey half horse. Or Jenny, I believe, if the hybrid is female. And you’re right, hybrids are usually sterile. There’s also Ligers (Lions crossed with Tigers) that result in huge cats that are also sterile.

      Anyway–a bit I copied from a website just now on this subject. It’s been many years since I’ve even visited the book of Genesis.

      “This is the first mention of a sexual relationship between Adam and his wife. Cain had already been conceived by the serpent prior to Adam having knowledge of his wife. Eve saw in Cain the fulfillment of the natural promise of Genesis 3:15, and looked on her first child as God Himself, the “Deliverer,” Who would restore them to Eden. It is unusual for the mother to justify Cain’s name by declaring “I have begotten a “MAN” with the Lord”, when Cain was but a babe. To Eve, however, Cain was the “Man-child” Who would smite the Serpent. Eve did not claim to bear Cain by Adam but supposed he was gotten, acquired, or created with the Lord.

      It is not said of Eve that she conceived again and bare Abel (which is the usual Scriptural way of intimating a second birth) but simply that she bore him after Cain. That a difference was from the very first put between the two, is plain from the remarkable language which she applies to the first-born, “I have gotten a man from the Lord”; and indeed from the very names given the two brothers respectively. Cain signifies “acquired one”. Deceived by Satan who incarnate the Serpent, Eve thought Cain was the Son of God, whereas she knew Abel was, and named him the son of her own husband. Abel means “a son”, which well suits the first-born child of man. Hence we have the line of the serpent through Cain (falsely supposed to be the Son of God), and the line of Adam, beginning in Abel.

  3. Hi. Precisely, we agree – the exact understanding I have. Although I have to say by the accounts given in the bible are a different way of expressing what we call modern science. There is a book called spirituality and science… I think! My way of thinking is science endeavours to explain spirituality through a different means of language. And the issue being we have great difficulty in expressing the divine through words. You see my main point being that the Satanic bloodline (that of the serpent) could not have continued as Cain, like the male Mule could not procreate, thus no future generations. Sure from a scientific point of view it can rationalise what we sense – but is lacking.

    And further you could say religion being the alternative way of expressing spirituality as equally poor at this as science, yet in the level of our understanding of both, fail to explain the complete nature of things.

    These are only my personal ramblings and am attempting to be creative surrounding the accounts of the bible and its descrepencies. Thank you for replying and I shall check out the information you recommend.


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