Bold Enough to ASK QUESTIONS!

How much do you know about the origins of the faith you have latched your loyalties to?   How much research have you done?     Have you read about other faiths–studied other faiths?  Sometimes that’s all it takes to unravel everything.

Questions I never asked–

What happened to Jesus family, his mother, his father, after his death?  The bible never mentions them again.  They drop off the face of the earth.  Wouldn’t they have been revered by the early Christians?  Wouldn’t they be an object of interest to any historians during that time?
What is the problem with Bethlehem?  At the time of Jesus’ birth, was there a Bethlehem?   Did it exist?   Was there such a thing as a Nazareth during Jesus’ time?

What about the Roman laws back then?  Why did the Romans not care or react to what was going on?  Why was nothing written down?

I have found two long radio programs (and one short one called To Xmas And Beyond) that really pointed out stuff I didn’t know, and really made me think.   I’m posting their links below.  I would dare any Christian to listen all the way through.   It’s hard I know.  When I was a Christian I never wanted to hear anything else but what I wanted to hear.   Because I knew deep down the moment I did, it would all unravel.  And it did.


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