Atheists = “Wicked???”

Today I had a charming Christian (I suspect not quite grown up yet) accuse me of being wicked AND a murderer because I think women should have say over what happens to their bodies.  I am going straight to hell.  I “hate love.” 

Of course this goes a long long way toward creating warm fuzzy feelings in me about Christianity and god.

Why are atheists so angry?  Well…the double standard, for one thing.  If an atheist tries to spread the good news that there is no god, we are regarded with contempt and hostility.  But if a Christian tries to witness most people shrug it off with a “oh, but they mean well.”

Actually so does the atheist seeing people squandering their time and hard earned cash into a lie that has caused a whole lot of damage to society.  We mean well too.

The newest example of harm…   Take a look at the creep in Alaska Alan Dick who thinks the cells in a woman’s womb are the man’s property, or the dick-heads in Arizona doing their damnest to make it harder for a woman to abort an unwanted pregnancy, or what went down in Wisconsin or Mississippi.  What do all of these have in common?   Fundamental Christianity and their very warped interpretation of a book they think should govern our lives and have more authority over us than our own Constitution.

I say warped interpretation because the bible, in a number of places, indicates life first begins when a baby draws its first breath…not at conception and certainly not two weeks before conception and possibly before the potential mommy and daddy meet!

And yet somehow they just know god hates abortion.

Interesting that everything that happens is according to god’s divine plan…and yet fetuses are aborted.  It seems to me if fetuses are aborted it is because god did not intend for that potential life to live.  And yet…   Well, who are these pro-lifers who dare to question god???

Or is it only part of god’s divine plan IF the Religious Right and conservative heartland of America Christians approve of it?  God must first run it by red neck America and get their stamp of approval?

And yet Atheists are evil?  Hey, we accept that if there is a god, we are right at this moment where we should be according to The Plan.  We are as we were created…and maybe our only point in being created was to eventually populate hell where god can make an example of what happens to those who,  as he pre-planned it, actually exercise “free will.”

2 comments on “Atheists = “Wicked???”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I have been called pro-murder for speaking up for abortion by Christians. Really the bible says nothing about abortion but it does condone the murder of children among other atrocities, so to me, anyone who uses the bible in their arguments going against abortion obviously have reading comprehension problems. Good article! Of course there is birth control and condoms but if those methods fail to work there is always abortion.

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