What Is Atheist?

I say Atheist, rather than AN Atheist, because really, it shouldn’t be used like a title.   It is a state of being, not someone’s identity.   Someone can say they are a Christian–they’re describing a portion of their identity. People who are Christian see themselves differently than they were before.   Or at least I think.  Atheists are merely people who either never believed, because there is no evidence at all for any of it, or people like myself who did believe, until they started acknowledging, rather than ignoring those pesky mental questions, and then at that moment they ceased believing.  In that respect they have not so much changed but rather have returned to what they originally were, what nature intended them to be, as innocent and good in spirit as the family dog, cat, or horse is.   Because sin is a human invention, created to make belief in religion necessary.

Atheists should not be asked to prove there is no god, and yet we frequently are.  It follows that the one making the extraordinary claim that a supernatural being is responsible for what nature herself could and did manage all on her own quite handily, should be the one required to produce proof.  Ok, so show me something that isn’t explained by nature.  Something that could only be brought about by a super-intelligence in the universe.   A miraculous healing of a terminal cancer patient?  That 1% that wasn’t supposed to get better that did?  Should we praise god for his healing and call it a miracle, and ignore the other 99% of the terminal cancer patients who did not receive that miracle?   And why did they not?  Were they not saved because they had no special purpose in the world?  Or perhaps they didn’t pray enough?

Incidentally, I’ve always wondered: why hasn’t god ever healed any amputees?   You know, restored their missing limb?  Did those amputees not pray for it hard enough?   Not even those amputees who were Christian? Can’t this god do anything? Ok so it was not part of his master plan…ever? Not one amputee restored? Is it just me thinking this is odd?

See, I believe Atheists see that miraculous healing event that occurred for that terminal cancer patient, and they think, wow, what a great doctor he had for trying out that new approach or that combination of treatments instead of the conventional radiation treatments. Or I might think, so and so was sure lucky to have a friend who kept him laughing so much all the time.   Or I might thank the fact that he has a parent who survived cancer and inherited from that parent some special resilience.  Or I might thank the new drug that just became available in the US that has worked so well in Europe.  There are all kinds of forces at work, including that sick person’s strength of will, when a serious illness is overcome.  I give the credit to where I feel it belongs, not to some supernatural whatever in the sky.

Same is true for newborn babies and sunsets and falling stars and natural disasters that wipe out communities of people who just happen to not be Christians.  I don’t see any god’s hand in it.  I see nature at work.   And as for evolution, one need only to look at the perfectly great example of it we have all around us.  Technology, our creation, has gone through one evolutionary stage after the next, even just in my lifetime.   “Natural selection” has happened artificially with the 8-Track cassette player being replaced by the CD being replaced by the DVD being replaced by digital, etc. etc.   Is this not natural selection (with humans changing their own environment to make it necessary) causing the extinction of the older less adaptable technology and the rising in its place of something new?  Same thing happens in nature.  We can artificially produce it by selectively breeding dogs and cats or chickens or horses too–breeding only for what traits we want to keep, letting the bad traits in those animals die out because we deem them undesirable.

Anyway, just felt like writing this morning.   I hope some of this made some kind of sense.


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