Does God Ever Heal Amputees?

I have found several rather hilarious websites addressing this question.   One Christian website tried to claim that yes, God heals amputees because it says in the bible he made the lame to walk and the blind to see.  Um…I can be made lame if I twist my ankle.  I am “lame” if I step on a nail.  I am lame if I’m born with a club-foot.   I am lame if I develop blood poisoning in my leg and it starts to turn gangrenous.   Being lame implies the affected limb is still there.  So I’m sorry, the biblical quote that Jesus made the lame to walk does not suffice as a satisfactory answer here.  Has God ever healed an amputee? 

Here’s a truly hilarious post I found.  I love how this person uses the word magic to describe God’s power.  How appropriate this term is when magical thinking is required to believe in such things.  Also, I love that this person so blithely gives God the credit (calling it a “bit of magic) for allowing doctors to fork out huge amounts of cash and time to go to medical school and get what is beyond so many of us to get–a license to practice medicine.   Apparently God sits up in heaven and determines in his wisdom (this is while he’s busy running the entire universe and/or universes), whether so and so be provided the brain cells to learn enough SCIENCE to help people, or that such and such corporation should be blessed with the raw materials it takes to make artificial limbs.

BTW.  artificial limbs do not qualify as healing anymore than putting a bandage on a cut would automatically make the cut healed.  Oh, and the comment that people would not be smart enough to heal or think up on their own the idea of replacing a limb with a prosthesis.  Interesting.  So what are humans intelligent enough to think up on their own?   Would toilet paper have ever been invented without God’s help?

Why do atheist claim that God doesn’t heal amputees when the evidence is right in front of them?

God heals cancer by magically making it go away. God heals illness by making people magically get better. God heals amputees by allowing corporations and doctors to obtain the knowledge to make artificial limbs, this is also a bit of magic because people would not be smart enough to think of this stuff on their own. Why do you people deny the evidence that is right in front of you?

2 comments on “Does God Ever Heal Amputees?

  1. It’s magic, just like the universe magically appeared out of nowhere, magically organized itself into a plethora of self-sufficient systems with nearly infinite complexity, and it was a specific mix of good luck and magic that made it possible for self-replicating complex single celled organisms to form out of a primordial soup that contains all ingredients to make amino acids.

    Speaking of which, the soup was also a solvent when it comes to amino acids. So basically as soon as a single amino acid formed, it would be torn apart by the harsh chemicals it came from. But magically, somehow, hundreds of millions of these amino acids formed themselves into insanely complex DNA, and then surrounded themselves with a phospho-lipid Bi-layer and all the micro-organs required to sustain life.

    And it takes faith to believe in a God? I think it’s a lot easier to believe in a God magically making everything than everything magically making itself ^^

    • Magical thinking is required for belief in god. It is not required for belief in evolution which we see happening in the world today. Do we see Creation happening? Do new species pop into existence in your neighborhood? I don’t know. When I was a kid my dad took me to a lot of places to get various types of dirt for his tree nursery. Never once did I see any dirt fly together and create a living thing. Or mud. Or sand. Or clay. However evolution has been proven now to the point it is accepted fact, not theory, and the only people who refuse to accept it are the people who refuse to try to imagine the millions upon millions of years it took for life to change and evolve. If you think millions of years is the same as abra-cadabra presto instant life, like what Genesis describes happened, go right ahead. I myself prefer to live in the 21st century.

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