“Yes We Can” but…WILL We?

Here’s what I”m wondering.  What happened to President Obama after he was elected into his first term?  Where did his strong stances go?  What happened to the idea of creating/promoting new forms of energy to help rid Americans of our dependency on Middle East oil?  I don’t recall hearing about that for a very long time.  Also, less taxes for the middle class and giving the struggling families half a chance to keep their homes, that doesn’t seem to be happening either.

Instead it’s proposed that we little guys are going to be fined if we can’t afford to buy health insurance.   I’ve heard rumors of the home owner tax breaks potentially going away, $40 additional taxes taken out of paychecks, etc.   Meanwhile, are the rich being taxed in proportion to their riches?  Has that happened, or do they still get big breaks?  Why is our government looking to the weakest links to direct their budget cuts, like Medicare or Medicaid recipients, rather than going after the disgustingly wealthy who can live comfortably and very well just off the interest their money and investments make?

Pandering to the Republicans to earn their support and favor…is this following through with the dream Candidate Obama got us all fired up about?   And what about these Rebublicans who not only hope for Obama’s failure, but set about doggedly determined to make it come to pass?  At a time when our nation is teetering on the brink and in sore need of a strong man at the helm, what does the GOP do?  Does it stand behind our legitimately elected (for once!) leader, or does it do all it can to hamstring him, and therefore us as a nation, reducing our chances of recovery from this recession, delaying it, making the problems worse?

Unite and prevail or divide and fail.  It seems to me the GOP has chosen the latter, doing their best to render our current President ineffective.

I used to believe it made a difference, my vote.  But now I see I”m not from one of the states that matter.  My vote hasn’t even been counted by the time the news is already announcing that someone has won.

I believe the government itself is a special interest group; doesn’t matter what party the figure-head at the front of the ship’s prow represents; ultimately something bigger and far more mighty is manning the helm–turning the wheel.  The 1% the other 99% of us are protesting, they’re the ones.  It’ s not our country, it’s their country.  They, I believe, are what’s running this country and deciding everything.

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