Can Humans Know The Mind of God?

Should we be afraid to think? Or ask questions? Explore or try to understand the big picture with our little minds? Can we really know the mind of a superior being like a God or…absolute being? A creator? And we have to believe there’s only one such being because that is what the big religions claim. So ok, one being. A being so great that he, she or it is infinite. As in, existing everywhere. Everywhere but hell that is because hell is the place created by this being, that is separate. So that right there makes God not infinite. But for argument sake, let’s pretend that there is no hell, therefore this god is infinite.

How big is infinite? When I was a Christian I tried to look up into the sky one very dark starry night and fathom the greatness of God by trying to fathom the greatness of the universe. And really, there is only one visible universe, but does that mean there is only one? Or is it just so great we can’t see beyond to other universes which, for all we know, might exist in groups like galaxies exist within the universe. In clusters, or sheets. Groups. Billions of them. And what do those universes exist in? What is that space between universes called, assuming there are universes, and science believes there are–that the universe we reside in…isn’t the only one.

Some facts:

Number of superclusters in the visible universe = 10 million

Number of galaxy groups in the visible universe = 25 billion

Number of large galaxies in the visible universe = 350 billion

Number of dwarf galaxies in the visible universe = 7 trillion

Number of stars in the visible universe = 30 billion trillion

I just took this data off of a website. I have no idea what the difference is between a galaxy group and cluster, or what makes a large galaxy vrs a dwarf. But still these numbers are staggering. Beyond human comprehension.

Now according to a popular organized religion, God created the earth first, and then scattered the stars in the sky afterward, rather like an after-thought. Of course this notion came from the mind of a human being who did not understand that first there would be the birth of a star, then the formation of planets and moons, if any, forming around that star. So with our gained knowledge of how a solar system is created, we know that the star’s birth comes first, and it follows that before the star’s birth, the birth of the galaxy it resides in happened. We know this because other stars in our galaxy are older than ours is, and they are here.

So God, to create his ultimate achievement–humankind, would have first created the galaxy a very long time ago, knowing with his immense wisdom that it would result in the creation of our very average sun, and a planet that we could thrive on.

But wait. For the Milky Way Galaxy to exist there would first need to be the birth of the visible universe itself, which is made up of a cellular-like pattern of these billions of galaxies within it. This would have to happen, again, for God to bring about the creation of the Milky Way, then our sun, then the Earth. And of course before the creation of our known universe it would follow that whatever that universe exists in–that space that extends beyond the boundaries of our universe–would have to be born, created, come to being. So first this God would need to create that, then the Universes residing within it, then the galaxies which would include our galaxy, then our sun, then the earth.

All this so the ultimate creation can be achieved. Humankind.

All those other billions of galaxies, stars, and trillions of planets and moons around those stars…all there not for any other purpose but for human beings to exist, because we are the beings created in God’s image. The whole point of the whole thing. Human beings. The master species.

Doesn’t this seem a little bit arrogant? If there is other life on those trillions of other worlds, likely other intelligent life, what does it mean for them? What if they think of themselves as their God’s master achievement, not knowing because they are ignorant that our God is the only God? What if they have holy books and sacraments and rituals and all these hopes of going to some paradise when they die, if they follow all the rules they believe their God has outlined for them? Except their God doesn’t exist because there’s only one God and he’s ours. When they die they will simply cease to exist because they aren’t us. Humans. So they have no souls, right? Our God made them like he made the animals–soulless. Existing only because they are needed to make the big machine work that was needed to create the Galaxy we live in, the sun our planet revolves around.

Is it possible to imagine a flea or an aphid or the smallest detectable bug grasping what we humans think? Can a gnat fluttering in the air before my nose look at me and know I don’t like liver or people who talk really loud, or oversized houses or homes with no yard? Can that little bug know that I am hungry, that I like to go to bed at 9:30 if I can, that I’m working on trying to be a better person, that I wish I could sing better?

We can see the gnat, or the flea or the aphid. We can bend over and touch these creatures or smash them dead if we want to. So to these little creatures, I’m sure we seem like gods. Or maybe we just seem like solid objects that move that they need to fly around because we’re so big their little minds can’t grasp how large we are. Like a small bird can only really see a person’s eyes before it all gets too big for him to see.

How much greater than us would this supreme being need to be if he’s infinite and exists everywhere? Certainly he is a lot bigger by comparison to us than we are by comparison to a gnat or an aphid? And yet, we feel confident we can make statements like “God doesn’t like gays,” or, “you’re going to hell if you don’t believe such and such,” or, “God is on our side in this battle,” as if we can actually grasp the mind of this supreme being. Oh really? We like to think man-made paper and ink wrought books like the Qur’an or the Bible were inspired by this one God that made all these billions of galaxies, stars and planets and whatever life that might exist on them, because old legends and stories and the early Roman Church that rose from the ruins of Mithraism, tell us so?

I suppose if this creator is going to create all this space to fit a visible universe (and likely others, perhaps billions of others), and the billions of galaxies, and trillions of stars and our solar system and our Earth, all so his master creation human kind can come to be, then I suppose yes such a being would find the time to care if so and so farmer in a field is sacrificing up to fire his best lamb, or would care if so and so’s wife is showing her ankle or her face out in public, or if a young daughter is raped and thus the family dishonored so she must be stoned to death because she didn’t cry out loud enough that anyone heard her.

I suppose such a being would care enough that he’d keep careful track of every time I do something hurtful to someone and then fail to ask forgiveness? That he’d keep a book and cross me off the list if I broke too many of his ten rules he took the time to carve into a rock on a mountain. And do I believe that a being this great and infinite would be so unforgiving as to condemn a creature so small as I am, smaller to him than a gnat is small to me, to eternal torment and suffering all because I dared to question and doubt and decide I don’t believe in what the majority wants to believe because it doesn’t make any sense to me?

People who claim this, are trying to claim they know the mind of God. People who say the bible is inspired by God, or the Qur’an is inspired by God, are trying to tell me they know the mind of God. I say it’s not so much that I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe that human beings are some master creation and that all this massive expanse of space with all its worlds scattered throughout, was only put here so that WE could come to be.

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